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Corporate Communications App

Engage stakeholders externally or internally through a branded corporate communications app

Internal Communication

1. One app for easy communication

Reports, Documents, Sales and Training materials and other resources can all be accessed in one place. Users need a log-in for both managed and unmanaged devices, supporting a totally secure Mobile Device Strategy.

2. Easy to find documents

Categorize company publications by storing them in easy-to-navigate categories. The application will always display the latest available information, giving staff improved currency of information.

3. Online and offline access

App content can be accessed when the user is offline. Full reporting capabilities allow management teams to preview the number of subscribers viewing each publication, to specific number of times each page is viewed. Both online and offline reading is tracked and subscribers can create their own user-generated content, with notes and highlights which can be synced across their devices.

External Communication

1. Communicate via an app on any device

Whether your stakeholders are using iPhones, Tablets or Desktops, they need access to the same information.

By working with YUDU, your contacts just need to download your app once, and pick up updates on the move.

2. Keep clients and stakeholders up to date

App subscribers will be notified whenever a new publication is available. They also have access to archive versions of publications delivered through the app.

3. Confidentiality is key

Content in the app is only visible to authorized subscribers with up-to-date login information. Only those with access to the platform can upload publications for distribution, which gives you the confidence to share secure files electronically.

A Branded Corporate Communications App allows you to communicate both internally and externally within a single app framework. The subscriber management system allows you to separate both types of communication material so users will only receive what is relevant to them.