YUDU Publisher

YUDU Publisher empowers you to deliver interactive digital publications to mobile apps and web-browsers


What is YUDU Publisher?

YUDU Publisher is a essentially content-delivery platform aimed at publishers, organizations and educators looking to publish digital editions or enhanced, interactive publications. It allows you to upload content, enhance content and then publish that content.

The platform allows users to upload PDFs, enhance this content and then publish it to a fully branded client-specific app on iOS, Android, and Windows, and/or to web browsers using our HTML5 PageTiler technology.

What sort of enhancement functionality does YUDU Publisher support?

Publisher comes with a pagination tool feature that allows users to employ an overlay editor to create on-page enhancements. These include:

  • Internal page-links and an associated table of contents.
  • Embedded audio.
  • Embedded video.
  • HTML5 animated and interactive content, for eye-catching visual effects, quizzes, feedback forms, and much more.
  • User-tracking module, to record selected per-user information, such as a button at the end of a training manual that allows users to let their manager know they’ve completed reading the content.
  • SmartCat, a module describing a suite of features aimed at catalog publishers. Encompassing everything from an in-catalog digital shopping cart to a way of automatically linking products on-page back to their associated page on an e-commerce site.

What other functionality does YUDU Publisher provide?

  • DRM/Permission Management, to ensure security of publications and gate access of specific content to selected user groups.
  • Sell content through in-app purchases or through your own website, or both, with a range of setup options to fit best with your workflow.
  • Publish a responsive HTML version of the content for users who are viewing it on a smaller screen, allowing users to seamlessly switch between fixed and responsive layouts.
  • Comprehensive analytics, via Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and an additional analytics suite provided within the YUDU Publisher which provides a full overview of the content’s performance over time.
  • White-label branding for every piece of content.
  • Easy drag-drop flat plan editor, to replace or add pages.
  • And more.

If you'd like to get a more hands-on idea of how YUDU Publisher works, click here to apply for our free trial of a week

Alternatively, if you have an extremely large and consistent volume of publishing work you need to employ our platform for - or have specific security requirements, YUDU can set up a single-instance version of YUDU Publisher for you.