Native Apps

iOS, Android and Windows apps can help you reach out directly to mobile users in a direct and feature-rich way

Platform ubiquity

Native Apps, together with PageTiler for the browser, form the second part of our two delivery methods for clients looking to publish digitally. Acting as containers with enhanced functionality, they allow our clients to deliver content to mobile devices in a managed, secure, offline-accessible way.

YUDU were one of the first companies to deliver a native iOS experience for the iPad back in 2010, and following on from that, we've developed app solutions for Android and Windows too, giving our clients complete coverage across all of the major mobile OS providers.

We work earnestly to ensure feature parity across all of these platforms, with features typically being available for iOS first then subsequently on Android and Windows.

Apps or browser

Publishing to browser is ideal when aiming at less engaged users who might find your content casually via an internet search or a social media share, or a link from another site.

Publishing into your own branded app, on the other hand, works well for engaging with your core audience, or when you have a large volume of content, since the app works as a content centre where you can organise content into categories and provide additional resources, or extra content for logged-in users only.

Talk to our advisors about whether browser publishing, an app or a combination of the two would work best for you.