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Empowering you to deliver enhanced digital publications seamless to any device. As well as delivering powerful communication platforms to enterprises

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Communication has changed

Are you wondering what it is we do? If so, it's best to start here. 

Social media, the cloud, smartphones and tablets, remote working: People are more connected than ever before. The way we communicate with our readers, customers or employees needs to reflect the "always on" expectations people who consume online digital content now have. 

This is where YUDU comes in: we're here to help publishers and organizations publish content quickly and efficiently through YUDU Publisher, our class-leading platform. Publisher delivers content to both native mobile applications as well as a digital flipbook format, PageTiler. 

Bring your publications to life

Whether you publish print magazines, training documents, business continuity plans, corporate communications material, trade catalogs, brochures or textbooks; our flexible enhancement and publishing platform, YUDU Publisher, can bring your content to life through powerful overlay tools that help to enhance content with video, audio, HTML5 assets and more.

YUDU technology also makes the experience of interacting with digitally published documents, textbooks, magazines and other types of content straightforward. Whether through our native apps or PageTiler: Razor-sharp fidelity and our responsive PhoneView option for smartphone publishing helps to transform your content into something that's easily digestible for readers regardless of the device. 

Helping the world's top brands communicate more effectively

Our world-class communication apps provide a new distribution channel and can deliver efficient, real-world benefits including increased customer or employee engagement, extra revenue channels, improved brand presence and the ability to reach new markets quickly and easily.

Our solutions are used by some of the world’s most respected organisations including the United Nations, Time Inc, Screwfix and General Electric. We are proud to list amongst our clients major educational publishers, listed financial services institutions, leading training companies, magazine publishers, world class manufacturers and retailers. We are equally at home serving the not-for-profit sector and many forward thinking small enterprises.

Supporting every platform

YUDU's technology is built to support all platforms. Our apps sit natively on iOS, Android and Windows devices and our browser-reader solution, PageTiler, works across all major browsers.

Deploy mobile apps in a matter of weeks

Our apps employ a uniquely configurable modular architecture.

Our document center sits at the heart of our apps and is supplemented with a set of modules so you can add bolt-on features and functionality, making the development of your customized app significantly quicker and cheaper than using a bespoke app developer.

The capability to deploy an app that is fully configured to meet a client’s need in the shortest possible time is our points of differentiation from competitors. It’s our design philosophy. And we’re good at it. Just ask our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about the modules we offer, click here.

World class customer service

YUDU is committed to providing industry-beating customer service. YUDU clients enjoy their own assigned technicians, 16-hour a day Livechat support, webinar tutorials, a constantly updated help wiki and much more, including bureau services if required.

It’s for these reasons and others that our support satisfaction rate stands at 100% – if you need help, our time and resources will always be there for you - guaranteed.

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