ICSC, the shopping center industry’s top trade association, delivers crucial information that the organization’s nearly 60,000 members – located in more than 120 countries worldwide – depend on to stay informed. Providing news, industry trends, legislative developments and research, ICSC reaches key players in the industry, including shopping center owners, developers, managers, marketing professionals, investors, retailers and brokers. Academics and public officials also rely on ICSC to provide accurate news and data.

The challenge

ICSC’s forward-thinking Research Department routinely evaluates how to deliver its information to members in the most effective way possible. As the general public – and members –increasingly turned to mobile apps to access online publications, delivering content efficiently on smartphones and tablets became a major priority.

The desired solution would allow content to be quickly and easily published to a mobile app. The solution had to be easy for the busy ICSC Research team to use, but more importantly, it had to deliver content across multiple platforms and devices to accommodate members’ different device types, which include iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones and tablets.

The solution

ICSC Research ultimately selected YUDU as its mobile app publishing option. By working with YUDU, the department can now deliver publications that members can access anytime, anywhere via iPad, iPhone and Android devices. This broader access has significantly improved the association’s visibility.

icsc screenshot

Furthermore, ICSC members are now able to keep tabs on the latest industry research on their favorite mobile device – anywhere they need it.

Partnering with YUDU allows ICSC Research to be more responsive to evolving technology trends without the upfront time and capital investment required to build a mobile app publishing capability in-house. By working with YUDU, the department was able to instantly and affordably access a 21st century communications platform – and keep its 60,000 members in the know.